What To Do With A Fine Leather Watch Case Design
- Mar 15, 2018 -

First, the design of exquisite leather watch box design material to solve the problem is not just to solve the aesthetic problems such as modeling, color, but also to solve a good structure, materials, costs, technology and a series of issues.

Second, the design of the exquisite leather watch box should be based on the product, combining the characteristics of the product itself, determine the form of the watch box according to the watch's volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors, and shape the personality of the watch brand. Temperament, fully reflects the product's attributes.

Third, the design of exquisite leather boxes should be market-oriented. Prior to the design conception, necessary market research should be conducted to fully understand the market conditions, to understand the dynamics of the market, to obtain the freshest design concept from market feedback information, and to position it reasonably. Avoid the designer's blind pursuit of personal taste and personal style caused by the market out of touch.

Fourth, the design of exquisite leather watch boxes should be centered on consumers. Designers should fully consider the needs of different consumer groups and ponder the psychology of neck ties. Based on market research, the designers should design them in a targeted manner.