Dressing Table By Functional Area
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. Bedside cabinet type: Generally connected with the headboard, the overall feeling is strong. The dressing table also serves as a nightstand, saving floor space.

2. Combination: There are two types of high combination and low combination. The high modular dresser is designed in a modular cabinet and occupies a small unit. The low combination type generally connects the dressing table with the low cabinet, and the height is patchwork and the decoration is strong.

3. Desk type: Both the dresser and writing function can be used at the same time. It is suitable for families with more than 2 people who can study and write at the same time.

4. Even bed type: connected with the bed layout, in the design and design should strive to harmonize with the bed.

5. Combination cabinet type: located in the combination cabinet, it does not occupy too much space, and is suitable for use in a small area.

6. One-point style: Including the corner type, that is, using the corner space setting. One word, that is, the body of the desk is on a wall. This kind of styling can be unified with other furniture, and it can also be unique, and it can have a big breakthrough in shape.