Bucket Maintenance
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1, reserved enough space for use. The pendulum of the furniture must take into account the space used. Generally, when the drawers are placed, it is necessary to pull out the drawers and have enough space for the things to be put in use. At least 75 cm must be reserved.

2. Deal with difficult-to-open drawers in hot and humid climates. Wooden drawer drawers may cause wood to rise and become difficult to open and close. You can use a candle or paraffin wax on the side and bottom rails of the drawer to rub it slightly.

3, dehumidification and pest control measures. Usually pay attention to the dehumidification and pest control measures. When using multiple drawers to store clothes, antibacterial mats can be laid on the bottom of drawers first, and then desiccant can be added. The use of a dehumidifier is necessary. When the air gets drier, the drawer naturally becomes less tight and easier to open. However, attention must be paid to the safe distance between the dehumidifier and wooden furniture.

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