Bedroom Drawers Display Feng Shui
- Mar 15, 2018 -

The bedroom is a private space in the family and is closely related to people's daily life. The feng shui of the bedroom directly affects the health of the family and the wealth of the family. Therefore, the drawers in the small bedroom are placed or placed in a recession that is related to the bedroom. Feng Shui. The drawers in the bedroom should not be too large. They should be placed on either side of the bed or on the foot of the bed. Taboos should be placed on the bedside because the drawers contain miscellaneous small things. On the bedside, bad luck will be incurred, leading to problems of unharmonious couples and unfair family relationships.

In addition, the living room should pay attention. The living room is an indispensable space in the family. It is an important place whether it is a guest or family life. Therefore, the living room drawers are also placed in a particular place. The financial position of the living room is located in the diagonal direction of the home entrance. The bucket cabinet must not be placed on the financial position of the living room so as not to suppress the family's financial power and impede the increase of family property. Therefore, the living room drawers should be placed next to the sofa or table. This will not only facilitate the placement and access of small things at home, but also play a role in enriching the family space.