The role of three drawers
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. The three-chamber cabinet is mainly used to store things in the cabinet, multiple drawers side-by-side combination, with a strong storage capacity. Many small items at home are scattered and seem to be too messy. The three drawers just meet the needs of storing small items and making the space appear more ordered. The three drawers are small in size and convenient to move and can be flexibly arranged in the interior space.

2. Decoration: The three drawers are of various styles, such as English, Korean, modern, and garden. As a kind of furniture, they are placed in different positions and can also have different decorative effects. For example, a fresh, pale yellow chest of drawers is only placed in the corner of the living room near the sofa. It is used as a small bookcase, and displays and artworks such as vases can be placed on the living room. Increase the warmth and comfort of your home.