The basic elements of the package
- Mar 15, 2018 -

Leather box packaging has more obvious differences. From the material point of view, the PU material with leather or artificial cortex as the main material, supplemented with fabric and skin-filled paper materials, can be called cortical packaging. If the main material and accessories are reversed, it is not a leather packaging but a regular leather case or paper. package.

In terms of structure, the liner adopts solid wood, MDF board or all plastics as keel brackets, which play a supporting and protecting role in the packaging structure. If there is no bracket, it is made of genuine leather. Even if used as a packaging, it is only a bag. As a packaging, it's not a real leather packaging.

In terms of social responsibility goals, the starting point of ordinary leather cases is to protect the products from being damaged during storage and transit, taking into account the responsibility of expanding the market, and even defining the over-packing in over-packaging for market development. Differentiating standards, there is no concept of environmental protection.