Bucket purchase knowledge
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1, choose the appropriate drawer depth and width

When selecting the drawers, first confirm the items to be stored and the storage habits, and choose suitable drawer depths and widths to avoid the occurrence of situations where the width of the stored objects is not enough or the depth is too deep to acquire the objects.

2, test whether the drawer can be smoothly opened

Because the drawers of multiple drawer cabinets often pull open and open, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of drawer sliding when purchasing, and whether it can be smoothly pulled out and pushed back.

3, try to avoid drawers with grooves designed on both sides

Some drawers have grooves on both sides. Since the grooves form extra gaps, small insects may run in or moisture may be present, causing damage to the drawers. Special attention must be paid to maintenance and dehumidification.