Bedside cabinet purchase knowledge
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1, see the edge of the plate, high-quality bedside cabinet fine, smooth, feel good, smooth and smooth sealing line, fine joints. The professional factory completes the process with a straight line edge-sealing machine, uniform coating, stable pressure and the most accurate size. The non-standard plants are mostly manual operations, with large errors, uneven pressure, and many places are not stable, and can also cause formaldehyde and other harmful substances to evaporate.

2, see the punch, bedside cabinets are assembled, this requires a lot of positioning on the board to connect the hole. The fit and accuracy of the hole position will affect the firmness of the nightstand. The professional factory uses multi-row drilling equipment to complete drilling at a time, and the positioning accuracy of holes is guaranteed. Non-standard manufacturers use simple drills or even pistols to drill and drill holes, which results in large positioning error, and it is difficult to ensure firmness and accuracy.

3, look at the cutting board, bedside cabinet cutting board also called sheet material, is the first process of cabinet production. The professional factory uses electronic cutting saws to control the size through computer control. The precision of the board size is very high, and there is no collapse at the board edge. The non-standard manufacturers use small manual cutting saws, which have large dimensional errors and often collapse.

4. Look at the assembly effect of the whole bedside cabinet. Any size error in the production process will be displayed on the door panel. The door panels produced by the specialized enterprises are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the door panels is even. The door gap gap will not occur if the manufacturer of the nightstand cabinet is not standardized. Uniform, big and small.

5, although the slide rails of the bedside drawer drawers are small details, the dimensional errors of the holes and the plates cause errors in the mounting dimensions of the slide rails, causing the drawers to be pulled unsmoothly or left and right to loosen, and also whether the drawer gaps are Uniform.